June 2018

Donald Trump Foundation


New York prosecutors say “persistently illegal conduct” took place related to the Donald J. Trump Foundation - by both the DJT himself and his family. Charity money was used to advertise Trump hotels ($5,000), DJT Portrait for golf resort ($10,000), Palm Beach Legal Dispute ($100,000), Trump and business lawsuits ($258,000), and other things that charity money was illegally spent on. Allegedly.

Radioactive Waste 342 - New Technique Allows Researchers To Track The Distribution Of Cesium-rich Micro-particles In Japanese Soil

       I have often blogged about the aftereffects of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. When the Fukushima reactors melted down and exploded, a great deal of radioactive materials was thrown into the atmosphere to rain down on Fukushima.

Radioactive Waste 341 - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory At Hanford Produces Radioactive Glass In Continuous Process

The U.S. manufactured nuclear weapons at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south central Washington State. Approximately fifty-six million gallons of liquid waste left over from the production of nuclear warheads is currently stored in one hundred and seventy seven buried tanks. The liquid in the tanks is a witches’ brew of toxic chemicals and radioactive waste.

Radioactive Waste 340 - Deep Isolation Proposes Drilling Deep Shafts To Hold Spent Nuclear Fuel

       Of all the schemes proposed for the disposal of radioactive wastes such as the spent fuel from nuclear power reactors, I think the best suggestion so far is to drill a deep hole, insert the waste and fill in the hole. A new company is exploring this idea.

Nuclear Fusion 46 - Whistler Waves Might Hold The Secret Of Controlling Runaway Electrons In Tokamaks

Whistler spectrogram

Whistler spectrogram

       Whistler waves are very low frequency electromagnetic waves that are generated by lightning. They are found in the ionosphere between fifty and six hundred miles above the surface of the Earth. Whistler waves are in the frequency range of one thousand cycles per second to thirty thousand cycles per second.