June 2012

History + vampires = ?

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

When my husband and I saw Prometheus in the theaters recently, there was a preview for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  I've known about the book for a long time, and actually got the eBook a couple of months ago at a discounted price, but the upcoming movie made me decide to go ahead and read the book pronto -- I don't like seeing the movie before I've read the book, so I wanted to read it first.

I had had someone tell me that the book was satirical, which I didn't realize -- but sure enough, it is.  It is written like a scholary history book, the kind of book that quotes passages from other sources and has footnotes and that sort of thing.  But of course, although I suspect quite a lot of it is grounded in reality, it's a revisionist history type of fantasy -- weaving vampires into the story of Lincoln's life and presidency.