One more Titanic book

One more Titanic book

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord

Last week I blogged about the many articles and books I have been reading about the Titanic, in honor of the 100th anniversary on April 15th.  Although I mentioned Walter Lord's book A Night to Remember in my last post, once I finished it, I felt it deserved a post of its own.

Of course, much of what I have to compare it to is the movie Titanic.  Lord's book was written in the 1950s, long before the movie or even the discovery of the wreck, and even before it was known that the ship had broken in half as it sank.  Still, the book is quite clearly the first attempt to put all of the known events on board the ship in any sort of chronological order and tell it as a complete story.  Having seen the movie, I recognized many of these events; the movie clearly drew quite heavily from Lord's research.

In fact, because I saw Titanic again in the theaters (in 3D!) just after reading A Night to Remember, I was able to immediately recognize many characters or events described by Lord, brought to life again in the movie.  And of course, there was some liberty taken with some of it. For instance, when Rose and Jack find Andrews, the ship's designer, in the dining room, Rose says, "Won't you even make a try for it?"  That scene supposedly really happened, but those words were spoken by a crew member.

If you love the movie Titanic, or even just enjoy reading about the ship, I highly recommend A Night to Remember.  Although the book was written before many important discoveries regarding the Titanic, it's still a valuable and engrossing telling of what happened that night!