History + vampires = ?

History + vampires = ?

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

When my husband and I saw Prometheus in the theaters recently, there was a preview for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  I've known about the book for a long time, and actually got the eBook a couple of months ago at a discounted price, but the upcoming movie made me decide to go ahead and read the book pronto -- I don't like seeing the movie before I've read the book, so I wanted to read it first.

I had had someone tell me that the book was satirical, which I didn't realize -- but sure enough, it is.  It is written like a scholary history book, the kind of book that quotes passages from other sources and has footnotes and that sort of thing.  But of course, although I suspect quite a lot of it is grounded in reality, it's a revisionist history type of fantasy -- weaving vampires into the story of Lincoln's life and presidency.

Because the book is written in a tongue-in-cheek style, meant to sound like a real history book, it doesn't feel like a novel at all, though of course you know it's fiction.  I wonder how the movie is going to be, and whether they are going to try to keep this particular flavor.  Or will they just try to tell the story like any other sensationalist vampire movie?  I can't imagine how they could maintain the original feel of it, unless of course they made it like a documentary -- or a "mockumentary," I guess you would call it.

I do wonder how much of the book is grounded in real history, and whether the author used actual facts as the basis for the vampire story.  Does anyone here know?  How much of the "history" in this book is true?  Obviously the vampire aspect is made up, but did the author use real events to make the story seem more authentic?