Celebrating the Titanic

Celebrating the Titanic

With this month being the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, there has been a lot of new books coming out about the disaster, as well as some fantastic magazine articles.  I've always been pretty interested in the disaster, so I've admittedly gotten rather caught up in the anniversary hype, and have been reading practically everything about the Titanic that I can get my hands on.

For instance, both the Smithsonian and the National Geographic magazines have wonderful articles this month about historians' newest discoveries regarding the disaster.  The Smithsonian article talks about how mirages may have played a part in delaying aid until well after the ship sank, and the National Geographic article is about the recently-completed sonar images showing the complete crash site of the Titanic -- and what we have learned about the ship's last moments now that we can see the entire wreck.  I have to admit, of the two magazine issues, I preferred the National Geographic's, mostly because of its better pictures, but also because I felt the article was much more thorough and informative.

I've also been reading Walter Lord's A Night to Remember, a memorable book written in the 1950s that used eyewitness accounts to piece together the Titanic's last hours.  The research that must have gone into this book is incredible, especially since (I believe) it was one of the first works to try to piece the whole story together so accurately.

One other book I read on the subject recently was Lifeboat No. 8, a short (about 70 pages) eBook about the passengers and events surrounding just that one lifeboat.  It's fascinating and heartbreaking to read about the passengers' lives, but Lifeboat No. 8 is especially heartbreaking, especially if you are a fan of the movie Titanic: The love story that the movie was based on plays a role in this short book, but instead of Jack, the nobody, and Rose, the socialite, it's about Jack, the wireless operator, and Roberta, the maid.  (Yes, I am a fan of the movie, and yes, I am going to see it while it's in theaters.)

What about you?  Are you reading anything interesting about the Titanic, or are you planning on seeing (or have already seen) the movie while it's in the theaters for the 100th anniversary of the disaster?